About Us

We are Australian advocates committed to our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 Act.

A powerful lawful Act based on Common Law, to protect Australia and the Australian people.

We believe in the rights and freedoms of every Australian. We stand by the rules under Common Law. We cause no harm, injury, or loss to our fellow Man or Woman and we take responsibility for our actions.

The recent VOICE referendum proved the power of the People under our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. It also brought our unique Constitution to the forefront. Whereas many Australians had not read our Constitution, some, were not aware that we have such a powerful document, a lawful Act, that protects our rights and freedoms.

Our forefathers wrote this powerful Act in consultation with the People of Australia. This consultation and our Constitution are unique to the world. A dedicated earnest construction that took our devoted forefathers from 1891 to 1898, to finalise.

Incomprehensibly the teaching of the people’s rights and freedoms, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution, was taken out of our schools and universities in the 1970s. Why?

Our aim as patriotic Australians is to bring attention to our, the people’s, invaluable rights and freedoms embedded in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900.

Our greatest weakness is our ignorance.
Our greatest strength is our knowledge.
Our greatest gift is sharing our knowledge with others.